Washington D.C.

June 26, 2012

As Carly Simon is known to have said (sang, actually):  “Anticipation!”

Two weeks… Two thousand five hundred miles…  Friends….  Places… Family…

(Yes, you click on all the pictures for larger versions…)

June 27, 2012

Let the games begin…

Besides a lot of driving and a great evening with friends, I managed to add to my one of my collections:  Signs I find amusing!   I would have thought that some things ought to be self-evident.  I wonder just  how many people have been just about to break through this fence only to see this sign and abandon their plan…

June 28, 2012

Visited a cliff today.  Our intent had been to visit a water falls.  We arrived as planned, but the stream itself didn’t make it!  I guess that happens during the dry season of a dry year.  It had been during a wetter season that our longtime (avoiding the word “old” because it can be misconstrued) dear friend, Bob Thomas married our newer dear friend, Robin Thomas at this location:  Grigg’s Nature Preserve in Columbus, OH.  Access to the site is via a long flight of stairs, followed by about a hundred yard walk down a streamside boardwalk to  the “below the falls” pond.  During the wedding there had been water spilling over that rock face creating what must have an awesome background for the awesome couple’s nuptials.


A surprise excursion took us to the Columbus suburb of Dublin.  It turns out that this modern-oriented, suburban community has quite a history in the field (pun intended)  of corn production.  This unique “corn field” was commissioned to commemorate that heritage.  We couldn’t help but being a little bit “corny” as we took advantage of this photo op.

After home-cooked dinner, we were back on the road.  Destination tonight Washington….  Washington, PA that is,  Washington D.C. will wait for us until Saturday.



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