A Sermon Echo from Sunday, November 3, 2019

(A “Sermon Echo” is a short reminder or elaboration of something I preached or heard on a previous Sunday.)

On Sunday, we observed All Saints Day (which was technically two days earlier). In some traditions the title of, “Saint,” is reserved for a special superclass of the Lord’s followers; individuals like the Apostle Paul, Francis of Assisi, and Mother Teresa. Biblically, however, all who have repented and accepted Christ are saints. Not because of their own purity or because of their great deeds but because God has made them holy. (Notice the New Testament references to, “holy ones,” in the NIV; in the more literal translations like the NRSV and NASB, the word is, “saints.”)

Take some time to remember and honor the saints; not just the famous ones such as those I’ve already mentioned, but those who have been influential in your own spiritual journey. Perhaps a grandmother, or a father, or an aunt, or a Sunday School teacher, or a youth pastor… We don’t worship the saints but it is fitting and proper that we remember and honor them.

Also, if you are a Christian, remember that you hold the title of, “Saint.” Saint Wilson! That has a certain ring to it. Why don’t you try it? Say out loud, “Saint {Insert Your Name]”. Now, strive to live accordingly!

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