On Learning a New Trick

What is it we humans have against change?

Within the genre of fast food sandwich shops, I like Cousin’s Subs. There used to be one just about a mile north of my house. Not anymore. Instead it is now an independent sandwich shop called, Varsitea Flats. Same local owners. Same employees, as near as I could tell. The owners had simply decided to let go of their Cousin’s Subs franchise and go independent.

During my second visit post-Cousin’s, while waiting for my Italian Bomber, a lady came in not paying very close attention. As she got ready to order she looked at the menu board and apparently looked a little confused because the cashier broke the silence with, “This isn’t Cousin’s anymore.”

What is it we humans have against change?

The lady looked dismayed. The cashier asked, “Well what were you going to order?” “A club,” she answered. The cashier offered, “I can make you one of those using our bomber buns.” But the thrown-for a-loop customer politely declined, then turned and walked out the door.

Mentally, I was shaking my head thinking, “I can’t believe she is that set in her ways and that opposed to change.” But I had to admit to myself: It had only been a few days earlier that I had walked in and unexpectedly discovered the sudden changeover, myself. I had stood there and mentally debated walking out without ordering. It was only after a good deal of inner coaxing that I made myself stay and try something new. I had examined the menu and found a sandwich that approximated the Italian Cheesesteak I usually ordered from Cousin’s: The Italian Bomber.

What is it we humans have against change?

I’m one of those guys that loves Gary Larson’s, The Far Side, cartoons. The setting of one of my favorites is inside a circus tent. There’s a dog juggling while riding a unicycle on a high wire. The caption reads, “High above the hushed crowd, Rex tried to remain focused. Still he couldn’t shake one nagging thought: He was an old dog and this was a new trick.”

I’m patting myself on the back for being like Rex. Even though it’s a new trick, I’m trying it. I can adapt. I will go back to Varsitea Flats. From their expanded menu featuring a wide variety of new paninis and flatbread sandwiches, I’ll probably order an Italian Bomber. Again. I could try a different sandwich but I don’t want to get carried away with this change stuff. After all, I am an old dog…



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