When My Dad Said, “Yes!”

My dad was a pastor.  After he passed away I spent some time sifting through his handwritten sermon outlines and manuscripts.  Among his works I found this testimony to the time he said, “yes,” to God’s call on his life.  The following story is his:

I remember when I completely surrendered my life to God and answered the call to the ministry. It wasn’t without a fight with the Devil.  I listened to him, and like Moses who had excuses of why he could not go back to Egypt and lead God’s people out of bondage, I had many excuses as to why I could not go into the ministry. The old Devil just filled my head with excuses. . . But God wouldn’t take my excuses.

“My children are in school here and love it. Lord, couldn’t I just stay until they finish school? And then there is the house. I just remodeled and we love it here. I could just stay here and teach Sunday School and serve on the church board. And Lord, if you really want me to, I will try to preach once in a while here in my church.”

That night God seemed to come so close to me. He assured me there were other schools and that He would provide a place for me to live.

“OK, Lord, I’ll begin my studies and when I finish, then I will go preach.”

You see, I thought I was pretty smart. I thought I could put one over on the Lord, for I knew it would take four or five years or longer to get all my studies finished. Maybe by then, I could just stay right in the New Lothrop church!


“As soon as school goes out. How’s that Lord?”


It was then that final, full, surrender came, and with it, the tears of peace began to flow. I had been keeping all this to myself. As the tears began to flow, I was painting the hallway in my house. My wife didn’t really know what was happening. After explaining to her what was happening and telling her we were to sell our house and was to go into the ministry, I’m sure many questions came to her mind. But she said, “Whatever you do, I am with you.” Thank God for those that stand by our sides.

This was taking place at about 10:00 in the morning. I was working second shift so I had to leave for work at about 1:30 in the afternoon. I went to the hardware store and bought a sign: “FOR SALE BY OWNER.” I took it home and placed it in the corner of the front window the of the house and went to work.

You know, when I came home from work that night I found my wife had left a note on the table. It said, “You are to call this number. Someone called about the house and wants you to call him when you get in tonight.”

I called. A man answered and said he had seen the sign and wanted to know what I was asking for the house. I told him. He didn’t question the price. He just said, “Take the sign down. I will be down tomorrow and make a deposit.”


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