Go Ahead, Be Greedy for God’s Grace

Think for a moment of the classic “only one roll left in the bread basket” scenario. Two or more people have noticed there is just one roll left. Each of those same two or more people would like to have that roll. Each knows, however, that if he or she takes the roll that means the others can’t have it. Each knows that the virtuous thing to do is to unselfishly leave the roll for someone else.

Think for a moment of the inquiry, “I have an extra ticket for the concert, who wants it?” Several in the group want that ticket. Again, however, each knows that there are others in the group that also want it. Each knows that to speak up and take the ticket means that someone else who wanted the ticket isn’t going to get it. The noble thing to do is to unselfishly keep quiet and let someone else have the ticket.

Imagine going into a hospital emergency room suspecting you have a broken arm. Someone else comes in experiencing an apparent major heart attack. You certainly want to be treated but you willingly accept the decision that the heart attack patient should be seen first.

We could imagine any number of scenarios that follow that same pattern. It all comes down to the concept of limited resources. Since there isn’t enough for everyone, the admirable thing to do is to sacrificially do without so that someone else can have the resource.

Sometimes, I think maybe our prayer life suffers because we apply that principle to the grace of God. That is, we pray as if we believe that God meters his grace. We hesitate to pray for our burdens and concerns because we know that there are others with bigger problems. I can imagine the sensitive Christian thinking, “I can’t ask God to help me deal with my hearing loss because Joan is dealing with terminal cancer.” But we must remember that God is not working from a position of limited resources. God doesn’t approach the day thinking, “I’ve got one blessing today, to whom shall it go?” Any work God does in your life is not taking away someone else’s opportunity to be helped.

I’m not suggesting that you start asking God for a million dollars or that new high-end sports car but in this context I am suggesting that when it comes to seeking God’s blessings in your life, go ahead and be a little “greedy.” God can afford it.

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