Force Fields & Compliance Chips

God put Adam and Eve in the garden and made one rule:   They must not eat the fruit of that one tree.  There were no, “Keep Off the Grass,” signs.  He didn’t tell them, “no running,” or, “keep to the right.”  There wasn’t even the urgent command, “Put some clothes on!”  Nope, there was just one rule:  Don’t eat that fruit.  So what did they do?  They ate the fruit.   Hold that thought…

From time to time, I ride my bike to the mall for lunch.  It’s about 90% on a paved bike trail, and there’s a place just inside the mall that serves a good chicken sandwich.  Since I need my bike to get back home, before heading inside, I post a sign on my bike that reads, “DO NOT STEAL!”   Now I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking I’m not very smart.   Honestly, I am actually smarter than that.  The truth is, I protect my ride home with a cable and lock.  Which makes me think:  If God didn’t want Adam and Eve to eat that fruit, why didn’t he take measures beyond simply telling them not to?

I can even imagine a couple of cool scenarios.  For example, wouldn’t this have been a cool application for a science fiction style force field.  Eve is standing there conversing with the serpent who keeps suggesting she try the fruit.  After a while, she succumbs to temptation.  Having chosen to ignore God’s command, she nonchalantly strolls closer and closer to the tree.  Probably, she intentionally averted her gaze away from the tree.  She may have even whistled that familiar little tune that gets whistled when people try to seem nonchalant.  Finally, she’s within arm’s reach of the delectable fruit.  She quickly thrusts out her arm only to jam her fingers hard against an invisible barrier.  As they say, “That’s gotta hurt!”   Why didn’t God protect his fruit with a force field?

Or how about another great tool from science fiction:  A compliance chip?  Picture the same scenario, except this time as Eve begins to reach for the fruit something activates inside her.  Some kind of electronic chip embedded within her overriding her original will and effectively replacing it with a new choice; a choice to not pluck the fruit.  She gives up the effort.  The compliance chip immediately deactivates and she finds herself again wanting that fruit.  But as she begins to move her hand, the chip reactivates and once again changes her mind for her.    Why didn’t God protect his fruit with a compliance chip?

If not a force field or a compliance chip, why not something else?   Surely, the Creator of the Universe could have created an adequate security system.  I believe there can only be one answer:  Simply put, God chose to not protect that fruit.  Pushed further, I think that tells us a little something about one of God’s priorities.  Think about it.  Adam and Eve were given the ability to choose, and once they chose they were given the ability to act on their choice.  No compliance chips.   No force fields.  God certainly wanted their obedience.  He also wanted them to be free.  He prioritized the latter.  That’s something to cerebrate…

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