A Bike Ride (Photo Essay)

The wafting flag reveals the otherwise invisible wind. Sometimes it’s a headwind with which you must do battle. Other times it assists you from behind.

At times our paths are clearly marked and it is clear which way to go.

At other times, options present themselves and choices must be made.

At times the journey before you is smooth and straight.

At other times, you can’t see what might be around the next bend.

We encounter places where people have created environments of openness and visibility.

Other places have been designed for invisibility and isolation.

There are places of natural beauty.

And there are scarred and ugly places.

There are times and places where rules and regulations are explicit and which of necessity must be more closely obeyed.

Barriers crop up which must circumvented.

There are times and places to work and be productive.

There are also places to play!

Renewal is often called for but it is usually messy and gets worse before it gets better.

At times we are forbidden entrance to enticing places.

Regardless of the places you journey through, it takes work.

And at times we need to take the opportunity to stop and rest.

As it turns out, a bike ride is like life itself!

(On May 30, 2020, I took a 15-mile ride; 7.5 miles north then 7.5 miles back south. The route was strung together from the Kenosha Country Trail, Racine Country Trail, and Racine’s Root River Pathway, These photos were all taken on that route.)

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