A Sermon Echo from Sunday, January 6th

(A “Sermon Echo” is a short reminder or elaboration of something I preached or heard on a previous Sunday.)

This special edition, devotional, Sermon Echo is based on Pastor Chelsie’s Epiphany Sunday message.

Epiphany is a day on the Christian calendar set aside to commemorate the visit of the Magi (the Wise Men). The word, epiphany, means revealing or revelation. It’s use in this case is based on the idea that the Magi’s visit to revealed that Jesus was Lord to the whole world,

The Jews had long expected the Messiah or the Christ. His advent (arrival) was a great event. But notice that all involved were Jews, It’s what one would expect for a Jewish Savior.

But Jesus wasn’t supposed to be the Savior for just the Jews. As far back as Genesis 3, when Abraham, the father of the Jewish people, was first chosen and called, God had promised that all peoples on earth would be blessed through him. The angel that visited the shepherds proclaimed that Jesus’ birth was good news that would bring great joy to all the people.

Jesus was a Jew, he entered the world through the Jewish nation in a Jewish setting and was surrounded by Jews. Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, Simeon, Anna; all Jews. But Jesus hadn’t come for the Jews alone. The visit of the Magi helped to reveal that all important truth!

A Savior for the Jews would have been big news. But the visit of the Magi revealed the true scope and scale of what God was doing. Jesus was the Savior of the whole world. That isn’t just big, it’s ENORMOUSLY HUGE!

Let this remind of two things:

First, since most of my readers are Gentiles (not Jews), celebrate and be thankful that Jesus is YOUR Savior, not just the Jews’ Savior.

Secondly, in somewhat of a reversal, now that you know he is your Savior, remember that he is not just your Savior but EVERYONE’S Savior. Your Christian friends, of course, but not just them. Also, your non-Christian family, neighbors and co-workers. Also, all those of other races from you, other nationalities from you, even other religions from you. Of course, many of them either haven’t head the good news or they haven’t accepted the good news. He came to be their Savior too. Those of us who have heard and accepted this good news have the responsibility to help tell and persuade those who haven’t.

Epiphany doesn’t get the attention it should!

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