A Sermon Echo from Sunday, December 29, 2019

(A “Sermon Echo” is a short reminder or elaboration of something I preached or heard on a previous Sunday.)

This morning Pastor Chelsie gave us a list of some of God’s attributes and many of us were surprised that the list included, “vulnerable.” The explanation reminded us that while we often equate vulnerability with weakness, it doesn’t really work that way. Being vulnerable means being, “open to being hurt.” You can be strong and vulnerable. Or in God’s case, he can be all-powerful and still be vulnerable. This is easier to see when one considers that Jesus was the best most perfect revelation of God. Jesus was vulnerable in multiple ways including allowing himself to be crucified.

As it relates to us, we were told that in spite of some of our own efforts to reduce vulnerability in many ways, Jesus didn’t come to eliminate vulnerability but to help us embrace it because, “love necessitates vulnerability.”

Forgiving someone makes us vulnerable to being hurt by that person again. Sharing our food with someone makes us vulnerable to hunger ourselves. Turning the other cheek makes us vulnerable to get struck on the either cheek. etc.

Ironically, we are called to follow Jesus’ example and becoming vulnerable ourselves for the express purpose of helping others who are vulnerable.

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