Blog? Me? Just who do I think I am?

Blogging.  While it isn’t literally true that everyone is doing it, there is a growing number of those who are.

I think there are two schools of thought on this.  Some believe that no one should blog unless there is a good reason to do so.  These are the people who ask themselves, “Why should I blog?”  Others believe that everyone should blog unless there’s a good reason not to. These are the people who ask themselves, “Why shouldn’t I blog?”

It might be a stretch, but I think which school one belongs to is at least linked to how one values people. Those in the former group seem to focus on a person’s extrinsic value.  They believe one’s right to be heard is directly tied to the quality of one’s contribution.  In short, one must have earned the right to blog by being especially insightful, profound, entertaining, admired, etc.  Blogging is for the gifted few.

Meanwhile, those in the latter group seem to focus on a person’s intrinsic value.  They believe one’s right to be heard derives directly from simply being a person! As a PERSON, one has the right to be heard even if one is not especially insightful, profound, entertaining, or admired.

When it comes to blogging, I have in the past fallen in with those in the former school. (I consider that to be a confession.)  Now, having pondered the issue, I am with those in the latter school.  I think the focus on a person’s intrinsic value is both Biblical (as a Christian, very important to me), and Constitutional (as an American, also important to me).  Biblically, it’s related to being created by God, in the image of God.  Constitutionally (technically, Declaration of Independence), it’s related to the principle that all men are created equal…

While I’d like to think that I am especially insightful, profound, entertaining, and admired, I know better.  I offer this blog, not because I have earned the right, or due to the anticipated high quality of my contribution, but because I’m created in the image of God and created equal with all others.  As such, my thoughts and opinions have value.

You may not agree, but the issue of whether or not just anyone should blog is something to cerebrate…